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October 21, 2017

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"To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent -that is to triumph over old age."

- Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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Senior Program


Senior Peer Counseling Program

The Senior Peer Counseling program provides services to low income, vulnerable, homebound seniors. The program is designed to help seniors over the age of fifty five develop self sufficiency by providing culturally sensitive and appropriate case management services, home visits, referrals to resources in the community, and USDA food. Services are available to seniors who live in south central and south Sacramento County.

All services provided to senior participants are free.

The goals of the Senior Counseling Program are to enable senior participants to maintain their independence and to help them successfully access resources in their community.

Services Provided

  • Twice a month home visits where peer counselors spend time with senior participants
  • Once a month senior participants will be receive a package of nutritional USDA food
  • Peer counselors work with senior participants to connect them to resources and services in the community
  • Peer counselors will actively advocate for senior participants when appropriate

Benefits for Senior Participants

  • A chance to build a relationship with a caring person
  • Increased sense of connectedness with their community
  • Improved self esteem and sense of competency
  • Decreased feelings of isolation and hopelessness
  • Decreased chances of depression or other mental health issues
  • Healthy food delivered to their home at no cost


Employment Opportunities for Active Seniors
The program also provides part time employment for active seniors who are knowledgeable of the aging process and are community oriented. Applications to become a Senior Peer Counselor for this program are available. Please contact the Senior Program Coordinator at 916-394-2010 to find out qualifications necessary to participate.

The Senior Peer Counseling program is made possible through a grant from the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA).

Mental Health Services
Visions Unlimited also offers mental health services for seniors in our community; please see Adult Services for more information.


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